Burn the witch (horror short)

september-october 2021

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JM Mitchell Casting

JohnMichael Mitchell Casting

Location: NY/NJ
Dates: TBD (3 days in the first OR second week of November)
Pay Rate: $250/day + 10%
Union Status: SAG-AFTRA short film contract

Synopsis: Two lifelong friends search for their troubled compatriot who has mysteriously gone missing.

Character Descriptions:
MAC (LEAD) - female. 25-30 years old. Any Ethnicity. Commanding and headstrong. Her heart is full of love, but it presents as stern and strict. Worried for her friend, she hides behind her ferocious take-charge attitude.

PEGGY (LEAD) - female. 25-30 years old. Any Ethnicity. Warm and friendly, but overly cautious and cowardly. Her concern for her loved ones is equally matched by her concerns for her own safety. Feels great conflict and guilt over her inability to take action. Wishes she was more assertive.

ALEX (SUPPORTING)- female. 25-30 years old. Any Ethnicity. Withered away and contorted by a demonic presence. Strong physical acting required. 

LADY (SUPPORTING) - female. 65+. Any ethnicity. Gnarled with age. Mysterious, curious, and wary of strangers.